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Today, medical records are kept in all the places where the patient receives care; this is in the form of a clinic card. These places hardly share information, in most cases they are apart if not far located form each other, when an individual makes a consultation to different HSP’s(Health Service Provider), each time a new consultation takes place, a new record is created. This leaves information scattered, and hard to consolidate, it is almost impossible to consolidate such information. This information is very crucial in the process of ensuring best care for the patient.

By making health records electronic, it will be a lot easier to get a handful of information in seconds; this will come in handy at times of emergency. Adoption of electronic health records is a critical first step to realizing the transformational power of Health IT; but getting out of paper enables even greater Health Information Technology (HIT) capabilities.

The fact that health record data can now be digitized is what allows it to move at a much faster pace than ever before. With the help of other technologies, the very same information can be integrated with multiple information sources, analyzed and presented in ways that produce knowledge, stimulate coordinated actions between and across caregivers and more fully engage patients in their care decisions.

Health IT has the power to improve the health care system to result in safer and more efficient care; care that’s more convenient for patients and HSP’s alike.

HIT reduces medical errors; it helps to identify potential mistakes, such as flagging possible interactions between prescribed medications that may cause serious complications. In addition the HIT system improves collaboration throughout the health care system, thus private-public-small, which will be convenient when the proposed National Health Insurance is implemented.

Digitized health information can easily move, integrate and paint a real-time picture of the patient, creating increased knowledge, dialogue and collaboration among the patient and the medical personnel involved. This leads to improved patient-centered understanding and coordinated action. It can also enhance preventative care, by automating a reminder system for appointments, refill, collections and tests.

The system will facilitates better patient-care transition. As patients move from the one care setting to another or going home from the hospital, or from one practice to another, this movement can be easily facilitated in a seamless transition from one stage of care to the next and help to ensure that patients get the treatment and medicine they need without delays or mix-ups.

Emergency situations will be better handled; the system will enable faster, better emergency care. When seconds can make the difference, our system will make it easier for paramedics to share information with doctors in the emergency departments, allowing physicians to be ready and waiting with a plan of action when the patient arrives. The system will also facilitate access to an incoming patient’s health information, even if the patient is incapacitated; alerting providers of any existing conditions, allergies and prescriptions (full medical history)

Patients and their families will be able to fully participate in their health care decisions. The system acts as a platform for patient to access their medical information and information about their health care options, which empowers them to become informed and educated advocates for their own care; this is achieved by the implementation of a new feature that we added to our system, this feature allows for patients to learn more about specific diseases and conditions. At the same time, as patients have more access to their medical information, their families, who play a critical role in their care, can play a more active, personal role.

Our Health care system makes care more convenient for patients, online reservations will make appointments scheduling easy, patients will be able to view services offered by a certain medical institution online, availability of doctors, self diagnosis etc. Also the patient’s medical history, prescription information and test results are at their care provider’s fingertips, saving the patient the burden of providing the information repeatedly to different doctors, repeating same information over and over can be frustrating when one is not well, also it could lead to inaccuracy, this is achieved by our referral system which refers the patients to the right caregiver and prevents patients from going on a search spree.

Our system enhances the ability of medical personnel to respond to public health emergencies and disasters. Data can be aggregated and used to improve public health, helping to understand outbreaks in communities and allowing appropriate responses, the system has the ability to give required results in seconds, generate stats in just a click, whilst with the old use, it would take months to gather results, require skills to turn results into useful stats. In disaster situations such as a flooding, health IT system can give practitioners access to a patient’s medical history, regardless of where their medical information lives, imagine if Charlotte Maxeke Academic Hospital burns down, millions of patients information will be lost, whereas if it’s stored electronically, it will remain intact.

HIT will enable discovery in new medical breakthroughs and it will provide a platform for innovation. As patient information becomes digitized, researchers can now analyze large sets of anonymous data, facilitating the rapid introduction of new therapies and better analysis on the effectiveness of medications and treatments. In addition, through the increased use of new, innovative mobile technologies and social networking tools, health IT offers the health care industry new ways to understand and administer care to patients.

ITRAT will transform the way health-related information is gathered, stored, shared and used and this application holds the promise of revolutionizing South African's health care system, making it more efficient, more effective and more focused on meeting the needs of patients.

The current health system presents factors that put patients' health at a greater risk and uncertainties’. The current system fails to provide required health security that you and your family deserve.

ITRAT application brings a health care system that addresses gaps and void on the current system, Security, reliability, accuracy, availability, and quality of your medical history in one go.

ITRAT focuses on creating medical profiles for patients, and managing the information in a safe controlled environment, we meet all the safety requirements for storing electronic medical records.

MedInfoS has the following features:

  • Online Booking: Patients can book online for any facility closest to them; they can also view the availability of physicians per institution, queues, and availability of resources.
  • National Collection of Medication: Patients can collect medication anywhere as long as the provider is subscribed to ITRAT.
  • Self-diagnostic: Patients can do self-diagnosis before visiting their physicians; the results of this test are recorded on the profile.
  • Instant Lab test results: Results will be available immediately from the labs, as soon as the lab technicians upload them, the patient will receive an sms notifying them.
  • Text Messaging Services: Selected next of kin(s) will be notified via a text message when there emergency arises.
  • Notify them/e sick note: This service works best for those who are employed, in case of emergency; the employer is notified via email/fax that their employee is admitted. When an employee misses work and visits a doctor, good bye to sick notes, system automated to send the employer a sick note.
  • The Search WIKI Function: Ability to search for hospital facilities, doctors, learn more about diseases and search for other users.

Doctor saves his own life by putting medical info online

Dr. Michael Angelillo in his North Palm Beach office on Tuesday, July 2nd,… (Scott Fisher, Sun Sentinel )
July 5, 2013|By Donna Gehrke-White, Sun Sentinel

When a Parkland doctor began working with others on an idea to store medical information safely online in the "cloud," little did he know that it would save his life.

It turns out that his online medical records could speak for Dr. Michael P. Angelillo when he couldn't.

The Importance of EMR

Having an EMR software for your medical facility not only provides better health care to your patients but also upgrades your overall functionality. Learn here how to do it right.

The Importance of EMR

Having an EMR software for your medical facility not only provides better health care to your patients but also upgrades your overall functionality. Learn here how to do it right.


SAPS website hacked hacked may 22

May 22 2013 Published on the Star

Johannesburg - Nearly 16 000 whistle-blowers have had their personal details published online after a cyberattack on the SAPS website.

Hundreds of police officers’ names, ranks and contact details were also uploaded by the hacker, who said the attack was in retaliation for the Marikana shootings.

The hacker appeared to have performed a data dump last Friday when complainants’ details were downloaded from the SAPS website’s e-mail server and uploaded on to another site.

People before our profit

Most people will argue that the purpose of business it to generate money. Let's agree to disagree; off-course it is one of the company's goals to make a profit so that it could sustain its operations but our biggest goal is to reach out to communities and make their lives a lot easier. After all Technology is all about simplifying things. We are more delighted in changing lives rather than making a huge turnover.

The Importance of EMR Having an EMR software for your medical facility not only provides better health care... Read more
The Importance of EMR Having an EMR software for your medical facility not only provides better health care... Read more
SAPS WEBSITE HACKED, SOUNDS LIKE A JOKE RIGHT? SAPS website hacked hacked may 22... Read more
People before our profit Most people will argue that the purpose of business it to generate money. Let's... Read more